Dec 9, 2010

I35 Stitchtogether report

I had a great time at our stitchtogether last weekend.  I'd missed in November due to going to the Houston Quilt Show, so I was really looking forward to getting together with all the gals.

We had nearly everyone there and had lots of great food.  Lynn brought a big crockpot of homemade soup that smelled heavenly and tasted even better as many went back for seconds.  I'm surprised that folks didn't wander into our stitching room because they were following their noses!

And I had to take our gorgeous quilt to show off to everyone.  And I had to fend off "sneaky" attempts to appropriate it.  There were lots of show-n-tell projects to see also.

We had a gift swap which was a lot of fun.  Georgia and I had traveled to Austin together and we each knew what the other was bringing.  However, neither of us thought to show the other the bag she had her gift in.  After randomly picking bagged gifts, we ended up getting the gift the other had brought and I like to have died laughing over that.  I was fine with it as I ended up with a great set of handmade quilted pot holders!

I managed to get some stitching done on my "Tribal Seahorse" and it's coming along.

As far as stitching on the home front, I've been reading a lot instead.  But I need to get to stitching as I still have two Christmas ornaments I need to stitch and finish.  Hey!  I've got a few days left until Christmas, don't I?


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Ellen said...

do you usually stitch all one color then move to the next?

--stitch newbie