May 6, 2012

I'm not dead yet

I'm not dead yet, nor have I dropped off the face of the earth.  I've been under the weather here lately.  Living in a valley in the springtime with all the abundant pollens from a rainy late winter and early spring will do that to you.  

I haven't stitched as much lately.  I typically read more when I'm not feeling well.  I read the "Hunger Games" trilogy on my Kindle and I enjoyed them very much.  I also read the latest "nine-ology" of books in the Star Wars universe.  

I didn't stitch on my BAP at all in April.  For May, so far I have stitched the May square of "Crabby All Year."  This square made me laugh.  When I get all the stitching done, I'll add the buttons.  This square has two round brown buttons that will go under and behind the rabbit - you guessed it - rabbit poop!

A few weeks ago, someone posted a "help me find the pattern in this picture" request on the 123 Stitch Message Board.  Someone immediately knew that it was from the UK Cross Stitcher magazine, December 2011 (Issue #247).  I liked the pattern so I sought out my own copy and got one off eBay.

I'm one of those people that rarely buys a stitching magazine unless I'm looking for a specific pattern in a specific issue.  Once I get it, I tear the pattern out and then pass the magazine  along to another stitcher.  I see no reason to keep volumes and volumes of magazines just to say that I have them. 

So I started stitching on this pattern and after stitching two lengths of floss, I frogged it all and changed the fabric because the floss was blending into the original fabric.  One of the problems with UK magazines is that they aren't real specific as to fabric.  This one told me to use a "rustic evenweave fabric."  So I chose one and it didn't work, so I went back to my fabric stash and chose another.

And no, I won't be making a tea cozy with it.  I'm a southerner - I like my tea iced and sweetened.
DH has been working on our HVAC.  He has all the duct work done and won't have to be in the attic for awhile.  In between keeping the rapidly growing grass mowed, he is now working on some plumbing in the utility room. 


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Rita said...

I love watching the progress on the 123mb of the Crabby all Year sal. Yours is looking great!