Feb 28, 2012

Ta da! A finish!

My day yesterday started smashingly, as in I dropped the glass pitcher to our blender while putting it away and it smashed into pieces all over the floor.  Did I mention that I was bare footed at the time?  I managed to clean up all the glass without getting any in my feet.  As we use our blender daily, I needed to get another one quickly.  

I went online to look at blenders at Wal-Mart and thankfully, they had replacement glass pitchers available.  They also have this "new" feature where you can buy online and they hold it back for you to pick up at the store.  So I bought the pitcher online and DH picked it up on his way home from work.  Much cheaper than buying a new blender.  The new pitcher with tax was only sixteen bucks.

I finished "Bone Cheeks" by Prairie Moon yesterday afternoon.  It was a very fun stitch in spite of all the orphan stitches it had.  I've finally learned how to deal with them.  I used to do the labor intensive Pinn stitch, but now I just tie a tiny knot in the back of the stitch.  I learned of this from a lady who is a model stitcher, so I figured if she does it and the designers don't mind, then it probably won't make a difference. 

"Bone Cheeks" is stitched on 28 count white Monaco with the provided DMC floss conversions.  Next I'll stitch on the March block of "Crabby All Year."



Robin said...

Great finish. I have that in my stash and everytime I see it finished I want to get mine out and start but I need to get some other things done first. Again great finish and glad you didn't get any glass in your feet.

pandy said...

Bone Cheeks looks amazing! Grats on your finish :)

Jennifer said...

You can actually use a mason jar as a replacement for a blender jar: http://pinterest.com/pin/231020655854792765/