Apr 16, 2012

Another Christmas finish

On Wednesday, I finished up my Christmas ornament for the month.  I stitched "Joy Y'all" by Redbird Designs on a scrap of 32 count mushroom Lugana I had in my stash with DMC and the GAST colors I had on hand.  As usual, I substituted beads for the french knots on Santa's hat.  He was a fun stitch!

Now I'm back stitching on "Harana."  It was quite an ordeal getting ahold of the designer.  I googled her and found her on Facebook.  I don't do Facebook.  One of the guys DH works with was gracious enough to contact her on Facebook on my behalf and gave her my e-mail.  After several days, she got back to me with the floss colors for the two "extra" symbols and also a color correction for a third symbol!  I had to frog a small area that I'd already stitched!  Whoops!

And another thing, the chart is very fiddly to begin with.  It is printed in black, red and blue.  Some of the symbols are the same, just printed in a different color!  ACK!  I'm having to be extremely careful when reading the chart.  (Not to mention the fact that my working copy is in black and white, so I have to keep the original nearby to check on the color of the symbols.)

And for crying out loud, who designs without putting their contact information SOMEWHERE on the chart?!!   

In spite of all the headaches, I still like the design and am enjoying stitching it.



Rita said...

Your Santa looks great. Wasn't he a fun one to stitch?

Sorry about all the frustrations with Havana. It's a beautiful design.

Mary said...

Santa looks great! I have the pattern and it's in my "to do" list.

I was gonna ask to buy Havana from you as I really like it but don't think so now. I'll just admire yours...:)


DebbieSFL said...

Love the Santa, I miss seeing the bluebonnets in Austin. My favorite city!