Jan 21, 2011

Honey, have you seen the kerosene?

DH and I heat our home with a wood stove.  On Wednesday night, DH was working on the recalcitrant door handle when it broke.  Without the handle, the door wouldn't stay shut.  Without the door shut, the chimney wouldn't draw.  Without the chimney drawing, the house would fill with smoke and we would cough our lungs out on the floor and die.  So we had to do without the stove until the replacement handle could be obtained and installed.  That wasn't a problem on Wednesday night when the temperature only got down to 52 degrees.  

It was a big problem last night when the temperature got down to 28 degrees.  So DH went out to his shop and brought the kerosene heater into the house so's we wouldn't freeze our bohonkuses off.  And before you panic, it's a heater that is made to use indoors and it doesn't emit lethal levels of carbon monoxide.  Besides, we have a smoke/carbon monoxide detector, and yes, it works.

The part came in today and DH will have it installed by this evening when it will get really cold again.  The overnight shipping for the part cost more than the part itself.  Oh well.  

I am done with my quilt squares for our friend's quilt.  I was supposed to do two, but ended up doing three because I am a math dummy and can't count or add properly; I was too chagrined to admit to my fellow stitchers that I can't be trusted with determining how many squares we actually have.  

We wanted to have 12 squares for the quilt.  When I counted up names, I had Georgia's name listed but she isn't stitching a square, she is making the quilt!  DOH!  So I thought quick and ordered a Name Tree from Stephanie at Nouveau Encore.  The Name Trees are quick to stitch so I was able to whip it out pretty fast.  WHEW!  

And I won't be posting a picture of it as it is our friend's first name and I want to preserve her privacy.  But go on over to Nouveau Encore and have a look - there are all kinds of Name Trees there!

Anyway, I am posting a picture of the square I just finished.  It is the one I "designed" that represents the stitching retreats our friend is involved with.  And my t.u. friends ought to be happy as I had to use "dark burnt orange" for the Alto Frio star.  Gack.


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