Jan 12, 2011

True Romance Part Two

Well, my dad's true romance story made it into the local paper - The Dallas Morning News - on Sunday.  There was an up-to-date picture of them (that my brother took of them the week before) in the column, but not their wedding picture.  They sent me a hard copy in the mail; you can read the column here: "Jilted GI found love on the rebound"I think it's pretty cool myself!

I have no picture to post today of anything.  I've been working on my second square for our friend's quilt.  I wanted to design a square that showed her involvement in stitching retreats.  My hat is off to designers.  I've been beating my head on my computer monitor for about a week working on that darn square design in PatternMaker.  I just can't get it "right."  I finally had to tell myself, "Self, if you don't stop eternally 'fixing' the design, you won't have time to stitch it."  So I went with what I had and have started stitching on it.  It's still not "right," but hopefully it will be okay when seen in the quilt.

And the weather down here in south central Texas is cold (for here).  We've had nights in the twenties and thirties, and the days have only been up in the forties.  BRRRR.  I don't care much for cold weather.  When I did laundry on Monday, there were a couple of pairs of shorts in there that I wore just last week!  If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait 15 minutes...


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