Jan 24, 2011

Stove knobs and broomsticks

Well, I lied.  We didn't get our stove handle part on Friday; it is lost somewhere in shipping and maildom.  DH and I are not happy and the manager of the store we ordered it from is REALLY not happy.  Luckily, the overnight temperatures are more moderate this week.  

Saturday found us in Austin.  DH went to his favorite manly haunts and I was at the I35 Stitchtogether.  Just about all of us were there and we had a guest from south of Houston, RitaD.  Most of us know her from the 1-2-3 Stitch! Message Board so it was nice to put a face with a name.

Marilyn was knitting a blanket with the most sensuous yarn I've ever fondled.  It made me want to get naked and roll all over it.  (I know, a scary mental picture.)  I received eleven of our twelve quilt squares and will be posting pictures of them over the next few days.

DH and I spent Sunday afternoon watching football.   I'm glad the Packers made it to the Super Bowl, but as I like neither the Steelers nor the Jets, I'm indifferent to the Steelers, although the Steelers/Jets game was a good one as long as we kept Phil Simms muted.  I'm rooting for the Packers and I'm so glad the Super Bowl is on the Fox network - no Phil!

Here is Jennifer's Halloween witch (she's a noted frogoholic - see the little frog near the witch?) and Cindy's rooster.  And in case you didn't cotton on - the witch is holding the broomstick that I refer to in the post's title.



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Lynn D said...

I'm loving all of the quilt squares!