Jan 18, 2011

I tell ya I'm wilting

We've had cloudy/rainy weather here since last week.  The sun FINALLY came out this afternoon.  I'm a plant; I need lots of sun to maintain my "all is good with the world" attitude.  Too many rainy days in a row causes me to turn grumpy and grumbly.  (Just ask DH!)

This weekend was a football weekend.  DH and I watched all the play-off games and enjoyed them.  What can I say?  We like football.  Neither of us can stand Phil Sims who provides color on CBS.  We usually mute the game and just read the closed-captioning when he is commentating.  Ugh.  

I've been working on the special quilt square that I "designed" and I'm stitching like a fiend because I need to get it done by Friday.  Our stitching group set the due date for January 22nd - the date of our next stitchtogether.  Once all the squares are turned in, Georgia will work her quilting magic so's we can get the quilt to its recipient soon.  


We have this fleece throw on our couch and Emma loves it, especially in the winter.  (She pretty much ignores it in the summer.)  On Sunday, she got up on the couch and was pawing at it and then staring intently at DH.  He got the hint and made her a little fleece Emma nest.  She was a happy dog.


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Rachel S said...

When they nest you know it's cold. There is a Beazernest in my office right now, LOL.