Oct 10, 2011

A wet weekend

Hunting season (bow hunting) started last weekend.  After bow hunting season comes rifle season (early November) which lasts until January.  This means that until he bags his limit (two doe, one spike buck, one antlered buck), DH is out hunting every morning and evening of the weekend.  While I am thankful that I have a DH whose hobby can provide food for us, said hobby seriously cuts into our home remodeling time.  ;-)   Oh well.

DH harvested two doe on Saturday morning and he worked quickly to get both doe field dressed so that he could take them into town to the meat processor before they closed at noon.  Just when I was down to the last pound of venison from last year, our freezer will get replenished!  (Two deer down, two to go.)

On Sunday, we got rain!  It rained about 1.5" at our house.  In this drought, we'll take all we can get!

I've got about 90% of our kitchen stuff back in its proper place in our kitchen.  DH got the last drawer installed.  Before we can declare the kitchen "done," he has to rebuild a cabinet (which I may have to paint or polyurethane) and make drawers for said cabinet, install the trim molding, and lay the new flooring.  I am hoping that we get all this done by the end of October as we'll need to cut and stack firewood in November.

And I'm posting my progress on "Bone Cheeks" which isn't very much because all that I stitched on Saturday morning while DH was hunting and field dressing, I had to frog.  It was a very extended frog visit and not at all appreciated.

Oh, and my Aggies beat DH's Red Raiders on Saturday.  Gig 'em!


Oct 4, 2011

Woo Pig misery

What a weekend for football.  DH's Texas Tech Red Raiders did well and beat Kansas.  My Aggies lost to the Woo Pigs (Arkansas).  

And the Cowboys...oh my!  I think I've got that paper bag for my head left over from last year here somewhere...

DH's hunting weekend was a bust which made him grumpy.  His mood did not improve when he learned that one of the guys at work got an eight-point buck on Saturday.  But there are many weekends left to hunt, so we'll fill up our freezer eventually, and I'll have a happy hunter around the house.  Grumpy ones are a bummer.

DH is still doing battle with the raccoons.  One gnawed through the top cover of his deer corn feeder, so he had to do a "weirdly" repair.  Then he caught another raccoon digging corn out of the feeder from the bottom.  That raccoon won't ever do that again.  Next year, DH will get an all-metal feeder with a better varmint cover.  At least we haven't had them waking us up at night trying to get in the trash lately.  Darn varmints.

DH got all the doors put on the kitchen cabinets and we are in business!  I only have one drawer left to polyurethane as DH just made it on Sunday afternoon.  DH still has another small cabinet to rebuild and make a drawer for, and we still have trim molding to install and the floor to put down.  But at least the kitchen is much more usable and stuff is making its way back into the kitchen from the den.  YAY!

We ended up buying an eight-foot counter top to finish out our long counter top.  DH was going to use some solid maple counter top that he had in his shop, but it would have taken him about a day to get it to work.  Right now, his time is more valuable than that.  And we also got to thinking - once we get done with the kitchen, DH will get back to working on the utility room remodel.  One of the things I want to do is unstack my washer and dryer and put a counter top over them.  So we bought enough counter top to do this and to finish up the kitchen; we cut two feet off it and will have plenty left over for the utility room.

I think I put maybe eight stitches in "Bone Cheeks" this weekend.  Hopefully I'll have some time to work on it this week.  Mostly I'm working on getting all the kitchen stuff back in the kitchen.


Oct 1, 2011

'Twas the night before...

...the start of bowhunting season, and my kitchen was piled with hunting paraphernalia.  DH got up this morning at the ridiculous hour of 5:00 a.m. and went out to his tree stand to hunt.  He puts all his stuff in the kitchen so he can get dressed without waking me up too much.  He saw six deer, but couldn't get a shot.  He is out right now on an evening hunt.  I hope he gets a deer as I'm down to four pounds of venison left in the freezer from last year.

I've been a polyurethaning machine this week and have finally finished as I got the last coat on the cabinet doors this afternoon.  After DH gets the doors hung back on the cabinets tomorrow, I can start moving my kitchen stuff out of the den and back into the kitchen where it belongs.

I haven't stitched much this week.  Emma got a haircut.  It wore her out so much that she felt compelled to take her ball to bed for a nap.