Mar 6, 2012

Started a BAP

I sat down Sunday afternoon and stitched a third Texas Christmas ornament.  It called for stitches for the Christmas lights, but I substituted beads.  I think the beads look more like lights.

After I finished it, I started a BAP.  Remember the colorful pattern that I liked here?  Well I just couldn't stand it and had to start it.  I'm stitching it on 16 count Aida.  The pattern called for light blue Aida.  I was going to use the white Aida that I already had until I realized that the pattern uses a lot of white floss.  Stitching with white floss on white fabric makes me go blind, so I spent some bucks on 16 count "Sea Spray" Aida from Wichelt.  

So far, it is fun.  Just as I thought, the pattern is mostly big blocks of color with very little confetti stitching.  Which is good as confetti stitching makes me crazier than stitching white on white.


1 comment:

Rita said...

Cute ornament! I like how you used the beads for the lights.