Mar 22, 2012

Waterwaterwaterwater and a stitching mishap

The weather cooperated last week and DH and his work friend were able to hoist the HVAC unit up into the attic one evening after work.  DH spent Saturday up in the attic connecting things together.  He went into town to pick up some supplies at Lowe's, but they didn't carry them.  He will have to get them at an HVAC supplier that is only open on the weekdays.  So work came to a halt and this made him grumpy.  I sent him out to his shop to make more drawers for his workbench.

Starting Sunday night, we got over four inches of rain in less than 12 hours.  And the power went out for about four hours which stressed our wonderful aerobic septic system.  Nothing like sitting in the dark while hoping the toilet will flush.  ;-)  It has been absolutely soppy wet outside.  Thankfully, the sun is finally out and things are drying off.  

I've been stitching on my BAP and enjoying it.  Well I was until I discovered two symbols on the first page that are NOT on the floss key.  And of course, there is no contact information listed anywhere on the pattern for the designer.  I've e-mailed the company I bought the pattern from to see if they can get it.  If they can't, well, Google is my friend.

Yesterday I sat down to stitch and managed to knock over a full glass of water all over my fabric and into four compartments of my floss caddy.  Twelve bobbins of floss were totally soaked.  So I chucked them, not wanting to try to dry them out.  I was in the mood to stitch but couldn't on wet fabric so I sat down with my patterns and fondled, resisting the urge to work on the April block of "Crabby All Year."

As my fabric is finally dry, I will stitch this afternoon and post a progress picture on Saturday.  I hope all is dry in your world!


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Gloria said...

I was at Mom's house all week. We got almost 6 inches there but DH says we only got about 2 inches at home.

Congrats on your HVAC progress. Looks like you will have A/C before the heat of summer.

Sorry about the stitching problem.