Jan 13, 2012

A WIP and a plan

I joined a "Crabby All Year" SAL and plan to stitch each month during that month.  As such, I finished stitching the January square and will now put it aside until February.  Here is a picture of it so far with the title and then a close-up of January.


I pulled out "One Nation" to stitch on for a week.  If I only stitch on it at the I35 Stitchtogether, then I'll still be stitching on it when I'm 110 at this rate.  So it needs some attention and I'll give it a week each month.

After a week of "One Nation," I plan to stitch a Texas Christmas ornament.  I have several leaflets by Linda G. Jary of The Scarlet Thread.  These are all patterns from the 80s that I acquired from eBay and Amazon over several years.

This pattern is not by Linda Jary.  I got it because I recognized a couple of the ornaments that a good friend stitched for me about 20 years ago.  I plan to stitch several from this leaflet.


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Mary said...

I have the patterns for Crabby...Want to stitch them cuz I AM crabby these days...lol.