Jan 10, 2012

The rest of the quilt squares

I was in such a hurry yesterday to post pictures of the quilt squares that I forgot to write about my weekend.

On Saturday, I went to the I35 Stitchtogether with DH.  He didn't stitch, he went to Cabela's.  We had a great group and I stitched three stars on "One Nation."  I won the door prize (and must now think of something to bring next month!).  It was a good day.  

DH and I got home and watched the Saints game.  Geaux Saints!  And we watched two more Wild Card games on Sunday.  All the teams we were rooting for won.  I'll root for the Giants when they aren't playing the Cowboys.  And as I've disliked the Steelers for a long time - true Cowboys fan that I am - I was very happy to see the Broncos beat them.  Who says Tim Tebow can't pass?!!

Here are the last five quilt squares in no particular order.  Peggy stitched the Egyptian-themed square, Cindy stitched the friendship square, Jennifer stitched the fall leaves, Marilyn used her embroidery machine to stitch the butterfly and hope square, and Sandra stitched the name tree square.  I apologize for the blur on some of the pictures as I did not realize I had a dirty camera lens at the time.


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