Jan 29, 2012

Sewing Saturday

I'm not a great sewist as I don't enjoy sewing that much; I do it when I need to.  Yesterday I needed to.  

For Christmas a few years ago, I made a super hero cape for my nephew (he was my only nephew at the time) and wrote a little story to go with it.  Right after Christmas this year, I received a polite e-mail from him requesting another cape as he no longer had the original one.  Being a doting auntie, I was happy to grant the request.  Of course, as my nephew now has a younger brother, I couldn't make something for the oldest nephew without making something for the younger one.  Younger nephew decided that he wanted a cape, too.

So after hitting fabric sales at Jo-Ann Fabrics on two separate occasions, discovering that I no longer had the original cape pattern and finding a new one on Etsy after googling "super hero cape sewing pattern," I spent yesterday making two capes.  Here is DH modeling them; the blue one is for older nephew, and the red one is for younger nephew.  I chose sparkly, swirly fabric, suitable for a super hero.  ;-)

I plan to get some stitching time in today.  I'm working on February of "Crabby All Year."  And DH and I plan to watch the Pro Bowl tonight, at least we will if the game doesn't get too one-sided like it always seems to do.


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Rachel S-H said...

Fantastic modeling job!