Jan 5, 2011

Dog done

I put the last stitches in the beagle this morning right before lunch.  I enjoyed stitching him.  The pattern was nice as far as all the colors being in blocks without confetti stitching.  And the finished design really looks life-like!  (And no, I haven't washed and ironed the design yet so it's wrinkledy and hoopy.)

I do however have a complaint about the choice of symbols.  Many of the symbols were similar, and the similar ones were unfortunately right next to each other in the design.  I had to be very careful and check twice.  All in all though, I would recommend this designer to others.

The chart is "Beagle Dog" by Orbis Pictura and I bought and downloaded it from Creative Poppy.  The designer specializes in dogs and horses according to the website.  I stitched this pattern on 16 count white Aida with the recommended DMC.  It is for a quilt our stitching group is doing for a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.



Vicky said...

Congrats on the finish, looks great!

Terri said...

Very cute :)

Mary said...

I really like it! I finished my square also. Thanks for helping me with it.