Jan 10, 2011

Winter blahs

DH and I spent Saturday day doing needed things around the house, but we spent Saturday evening and most of Sunday being football couch potatoes.  We both enjoy football and enjoy the playoffs.  Two out of the four teams I was rooting for made it into the playoffs and the games were fun to watch. 

I spent Saturday finishing up our 2010 budget and setting up MS Excel for 2011 record keeping.  DH finished the siding on our bathroom - finally!  The job took longer than normal because of the lasting effects of our bad contractor.  DH grumped around about that during the entire job.  Now I just have to touch-up paint nail holes and paint one board and the siding will be done.  It will probably take me longer to stir up the exterior paint in its five-gallon bucket than it will take me to actually do the needed painting.  Oh well.

I'll have to post a before and after picture some other day.  I didn't get a finished picture before the sun went down and it's rainy and blicky here right now.  Hopefully the sun will be out later this week.

On Saturday night, we had a beautiful sunset.