Apr 25, 2011

A tailess finish

I mostly finished "Bunny Buns" this weekend.  Mostly.  I bought some Rainbow Gallery Wisper floss to use to stitch the bunny tail.  I tried one ply.  I tried two plies.  I tried fluffing the floss with a toothbrush after I stitched the tail.  No joy.  The Wisper floss made my bunny look as if he had a mangy tail, so I frogged it all and decided that the next time I go to Hobby Lobby, I'll look for a nice fluffy pompom to use for the tail.  As I'm finishing the bunny as a no-sew cube, it shouldn't be a problem and will add dimension to the design.  Here's the untailed bunny stitched on mint green Jubilee with DMC floss (DMC Flower Thread was used for the grass).

I didn't want to go back to stitching on "Homespun Hollow" just yet, so I pulled out "Photobooth Snowmen" by Bent Creek and started stitching on it.  It's a kit that included the pattern, a good-sized piece of nice linen, and beads that I ordered from ABC Stitch.  The designers used WDW and GAST floss, but kindly provided a DMC conversion chart; I'm stitching it in DMC.  It's a fun stitch and I'll post pictures another day.


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Mary said...

That is just too cute!