Apr 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day always makes me think of two things: 1) the silly "April Fool's Day" song I learned in elementary school - it gets stuck in my head on this day every year, and 2) the practical jokes and pranks my friends and I played on each other in college.  We were quite creative!  Our only rules were that nothing could be damaged during the course of the prank and the victim could not be overly embarrassed or humiliated.

My two favorite pranks include one I pulled on a non-mechanically inclined friend, and one several friends played together on me and another friend.

My non-mechanically inclined friend was very, very bright, but couldn't identify a screwdriver if it was the only tool in the toolbox.  I jacked her car up and set the axles on cinder blocks where the tires were about a half-inch off the pavement.  (She was always running late, too.)  She came barreling out of the dorm, jumped in her car, started it up, stomped on the gas, and was completely shocked when the car didn't move.  I let her suffer through about ten minutes of panic before I admitted my prank and "fixed" her car for her.  By then, she was really late and it didn't help that the rest of our friends were standing around howling with laughter.

The dual prank involved me and another friend who had an early morning chemistry lecture class together.  Both of us had a stuffed animal on our bed in college.  My friend's was her teddy bear from childhood.  Mine was a mouse I'd made in sewing class in eighth grade that matched the bedspread on my dorm room bed.  (I have a dearly beloved stuffed animal from childhood, but I wasn't dumb enough to bring it to college with me - my mama didn't raise a fool.)  

Our friends convinced each of us that "stealing" and smuggling the other's stuffed animal into class and leaving it on the teacher's desk would be funny.  We each thought that we were pranking the other.  We came up with elaborate plans for the "stealing" and smuggling of said stuffed animal that involved getting up early, borrowing backpacks, and hiding in trees.  (Don't ask.)  When I walked into class with my friend's stuffed bear and saw my mouse sitting on Dr. Felder's desk, I looked over at my friend and said, "We've been had!"  All our other friends were standing in the back of the room laughing their heads off.

I got in a little stitching yesterday.  This design has several scenes within the entire pattern, so I thought I'd just post the scene I'm currently stitching on.

As I finish a scene I'll post a picture of the whole WIP.


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