Mar 31, 2011

Cows and 'copters

While I'm loving the spring weather, my sinuses aren't at all so far this spring.  Whee.  I haven't stitched much this week due to them.  

And I had a good laugh over the comments left on my last post by Gloria and Mary.  Yeah, I can just see Emma with a tool belt and hard hat!  I'm sure I could find her some on the Internet somewhere if I was inclined to do so.  And no, I wouldn't get her pink ones.  She doesn't even have a pink collar due to her female human's dislike of the color.  ;-)

DH didn't get anything done on the current project this past weekend as he had to do "must do" stuff.  He had to fix a leak under the kitchen sink which took a whole day and three trips to Lowe's.  And he spent the other day getting the push and riding mowers ready for the mowing season which has arrived already.

One afternoon this week I heard Emma barking like a fiend in the yard.  I looked out the window into the pasture of our "neighbor-with-the-good-fences-and-the-cows-who-stay-in-his-pasture-because-he-has-good-fences" to see a couple of very young calves gamboling around and kicking up their heels.  They were cute to watch.

Our house is on the flight path for military helicopters.  I can usually hear them coming due to the distinctive sound they make, and I'll run out into the yard to look.  No, I couldn't tell you what kind of 'copters they are, but I know they're military - the army green and camouflage paint jobs give them away.  

They often fly very low, low enough that I can see the pilots, and I always wave at them.  Occasionally, one of the pilots will take pity on the wacky lady waving up at them from the middle of nowhere and will wave back.  Yep, that's what we call excitement here in cow country.  ;-)


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Mary said...

Hey...ya have to get your excitement from somewhere!

As for Emma, I KNOW I've somewhere squeeky toys shaped like flashlights and