Mar 2, 2011

It's that time of year again

My heart is longing for spring.  Of course, it's well on its way here in south central Texas.  Our grass is growing and the trees look fuzzy as the leaves are beginning to grow.  The days are growing longer.  And Daylight Savings Time will be here in less than two weeks!  Yippee!

We've had weather in the 70s during the days and 50s at night for awhile now.  I'm sure we'll have one or two more cold fronts, but right now, I'm enjoying the warm weather.  

The month of January is usually cold and dismal to me.  February is the short month before March and is usually as cold as January, and you have to put up with all the Valentine's Day silliness.  DH and I think Valentine's Day is contrived.  If you don't show love to your spouse/significant other during the rest of the year, why bother with Valentine's Day?!

March is the month of the promises of spring.  In my part of Texas, folks are out planting their gardens and sprucing up the lawn.  We don't have a garden yet, and I won't be planting flowers until we're done with construction.  Someday, I will have a huge bed of daffodils - I love them!  But until then, I enjoy driving into town and seeing other folks' daffodils.

And 175 years ago today, Texas declared its independence from Mexico.  So, Happy Texas Independence Day to you!


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