Feb 28, 2011

A long weekend and interesting openings

DH took Friday and today off and spent it working on our latest remodeling project.  He finished rewiring the kitchen and utility room.  He also cleaned out the attic and did some reframing.  Today he will be working on getting the HVAC inside furnace/coil unit installed in the utility room.

As soon as we can get him scheduled, the electrician will come out and install a new breaker box.  Our old breaker box is too small and it has a dubious reputation.  When we had the electrician out quite awhile ago to give us an estimate on the work, he took one look at the breaker box and said, "Oh!  One of those old things.  We electricians call those 'Never Trip' breaker boxes."  Yikes.  So now that DH has replaced all the wiring in the house, we'll replace the breaker box.

Emma is enthralled with all the goings on in the utility room.  DH had carefully stacked stuff in front of the ZipWall plastic so she wouldn't poke another hole in it.  Thursday night (she sleeps in the utility room), we heard her banging around in there after we went to bed.  DH found her in the construction area; she had pawed aside DH's barrier and poked another hole in the plastic to gain entrance.  The plastic now has a cardboard barrier that is Emma-proof.  Silly dog.

She is very interested in all the open places in the utility room.  There is a hole in the floor where the tub plumbing was that is apparently extremely enticing.

And she begged DH to lift her up so she could investigate the opening to the attic (which will be closed off with sheetrock once DH gets the HVAC installed).  To Emma, one of the functions of her humans is to lift her up to investigate things above her head.  We often oblige.

I got stash in the mail last week.  If you haven't seen them, go check out Bent Creek's Photobooth patterns; there are several out.  My favorite is the one with the two snowmen, so I indulged myself.  It will make a nice pattern to stitch at the stitching retreat I'm going to in March.

I haven't stitched a lot this weekend as I've been reading, but I am making some progress on "Homespun Hollow."  I'll post a picture later this week.



Gloria said...

" The plastic now has a cardboard barrier that is Emma-proof." hahaha. Yeah, right.

Cute pics of Emma on the job.

Rachel S said...

She has to make sure the work is done up to par, with no critters in there to ruin the projects.