Feb 17, 2011

ZipWall: dust proof but not dog proof

In my ongoing quest to keep home remodeling project dust/debris contained, I ran across an ad for the ZipWall System in one of our DIY magazines.  After investigating it, I promptly ordered a four-pole system from Amazon as I figured the cost would outweigh the marriage stress.  ;-)

DH used it to block off the "former bathroom" end of the utility room while he continues doing demolition.  I must say it has worked satisfactorily in containing dust.  (And yep, that's a long zipper in the middle of the sheet plastic so DH can go in and out.)

However, it doesn't seem to work very well at keep out dogs.  See the Emma-sized hole in the bottom of the sheet plastic?  Yep.  She poked a hole in it so's she could get in the construction area to investigate.  Silly dog.

"Betty Broomstick" nearly has a hat and I should be stitching her smile and hair on today, too.  

The weather is 70s warm but cloudy.   I'm happy wearing shorts, but grumpy because of the clouds and no sun.  Oh well.



Gloria said...

Emma will overcome any obstacle in order to perform her Inspector duties. That's dedication!

mark said...

I agree with Gloria. Emma has taken on the role of inspector. Seriously, did you think this would keep her out??