Feb 7, 2011

Winter weekend

We had below freezing temperatures here last week.  Then to add insult to injury, we got some snow on Friday (it was mostly melted off by the afternoon).  DH got the day off as the boss closed the business for the day.  Texans don't know how to drive on ice/snow; the wise among us admit this freely.  The only people in Texas who can drive on it are transplanted Yankees, and even they have problems with ice.  

The pipes that we had freeze up finally thawed late Friday afternoon and neither were damaged - thank goodness! 

So with an unexpected day off, DH decided to start the next remodeling project on our agenda: gutting the old bathroom in our utility room in order to ready it for installing the HVAC.  He had to tear out the old bathtub and shower surround (both made of fake marble).  He also removed the sink.  Then he gutted everything down to the studs, at least on the bathroom end of the utility room.


(Notice the hairy supervisor/inspector in one of the above photos!)  The weird green wall in the above photo is further proof that the utility room used to be a porch.  This is the what the wall looks like after DH removed the tub and tub surround.  Those are actually the same shingles that are used to side the outside of the house, so we think at one point, it WAS the side of the house!  As we renovate, we are removing these exterior shingles and replacing them with Hardi-plank and paint.  DH will remove these inside shingles and, after doing some electrical upgrades, he'll install dry wall.

I was able to get a goodly amount of stitching done on "Betty Broomstick" and I'll post a picture on another day. 

We enjoyed the Super Bowl and the Packers victory.  We thought the "singing" of national anthem was a disgrace and the half-time show was "interesting."  And as always, the commercials were either fun or really dumb.  We liked the Darth Vader, Detroit, and beaver commercials the best.

Georgia spent the weekend finishing up our friend's quilt.  DH will bring it home with him tonight and I'll post a picture of it tomorrow!


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Gloria said...

I'm happy to see that supervisor/inspector Emma is on duty! Looks like another big project. I enjoy watching the progress on your remodel jobs.