Feb 15, 2011

The Betty WIP

"Betty Broomstick" is coming along.  I've got all the bling/backstitching done on the lower half of the pattern (aren't her sparkly fuchsia shoes cute?), and I just have her hat to stitch before doing all the bling/backstitching on the top half of the pattern, including her frizzy hair.  She's been a fun stitch.  And don't you just love her grinning cat?

I plan to finish her as a flat fold instead of a stand up like the instructions say.  Flat folds take up less storage room.

DH spent the weekend working on the utility room (at least he did when he wasn't on the phone with AT&T!).  Actually, he was up in the attic clearing out the old, varmint mangled fiberglass insulation.  He was also inspecting the roof trusses which are in very good shape.

We had planned on tearing off the kitchen/utility room side of the house and starting from scratch because the floors in both are so saggy.  However, as DH has done demolition on the utility room, he has noted that the construction of the walls is very solid.  So we're going to have a foundation/floor guy look at the floor trusses to see if they can be reinforced or improved in some way.   I'd much rather remodel than start from scratch.  

We're having lovely weather here in Texas today.  I'm wearing shorts and the doors and windows of the house are open as it is 70 degrees outside.  I love it!


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