Feb 3, 2011

Froze up

I know lots of folks in the Midwest and north are buried under ice and snow; my sympathies to you.  While we didn't get any white or icy stuff down here in south central Texas, we did get very cold weather.  It's been so cold that we've been battling frozen pipes at our house.

DH carefully left the faucets dripping the first night it got below freezing, but we still have some frozen pipes.  Washing dishes in cold water is no fun.  We are VERY thankful that we still have hot and cold running water for showers.  And we are VERY thankful for our wood stove.  It's been below freezing here for two days and nights.  DH is hoping that when it does thaw out, that we have no broken pipes.  We'll see.  Such is life.

And to think that last week it was up in the 70's here.  

I'm coming along on "Betty Broomstick" although I need to stitch her face as she is currently headless.


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Gloria said...

It's a good thing you have a nice supply of wood on hand. I hope you and Emma are keeping a fire burning and staying warm.