Mar 31, 2011

Cows and 'copters

While I'm loving the spring weather, my sinuses aren't at all so far this spring.  Whee.  I haven't stitched much this week due to them.  

And I had a good laugh over the comments left on my last post by Gloria and Mary.  Yeah, I can just see Emma with a tool belt and hard hat!  I'm sure I could find her some on the Internet somewhere if I was inclined to do so.  And no, I wouldn't get her pink ones.  She doesn't even have a pink collar due to her female human's dislike of the color.  ;-)

DH didn't get anything done on the current project this past weekend as he had to do "must do" stuff.  He had to fix a leak under the kitchen sink which took a whole day and three trips to Lowe's.  And he spent the other day getting the push and riding mowers ready for the mowing season which has arrived already.

One afternoon this week I heard Emma barking like a fiend in the yard.  I looked out the window into the pasture of our "neighbor-with-the-good-fences-and-the-cows-who-stay-in-his-pasture-because-he-has-good-fences" to see a couple of very young calves gamboling around and kicking up their heels.  They were cute to watch.

Our house is on the flight path for military helicopters.  I can usually hear them coming due to the distinctive sound they make, and I'll run out into the yard to look.  No, I couldn't tell you what kind of 'copters they are, but I know they're military - the army green and camouflage paint jobs give them away.  

They often fly very low, low enough that I can see the pilots, and I always wave at them.  Occasionally, one of the pilots will take pity on the wacky lady waving up at them from the middle of nowhere and will wave back.  Yep, that's what we call excitement here in cow country.  ;-)


Mar 24, 2011

Pink studs again

DH is making progress on our current project.  This past weekend, he rebuilt part of the wall between the kitchen and utility room.  Unfortunately, he used pink studs as that's all he had in the way of 2x4s.  Eventually, the entire kitchen wall will be rebuilt and all those gosh awful pink studs will be covered in sheetrock.  Gack.  I hate pink.


Emma supervised and inspected all of the holes in the floor.  And even though DH has been trying to keep her out of it, she jumped down into the biggest hole when he went out to his shop for a tool.  Opportunist is her middle name.


My current stitching project is "Homespun Hollow" by Linda Myers.  It is available from ABC Stitch.


Mar 21, 2011

WIP picture

Well, my sinuses are still giving me fits.  Oh well.  The bluebonnets are out and the sight of them always makes me smile.  When the bluebonnets come out, I know that spring is truly here in my part of Texas.

I finally picked up my needle again this weekend after not stitching for over a week.  I'm making progress.  I'm really enjoying stitching this one - I love the colors!


Mar 14, 2011

Progress and chaos

I spent last week roundly cursing my sinuses as they were a great affliction to me.  I wasn't on the computer much and I haven't stitched in a week either.  But I am happy that Daylight Savings Time is back.  

I spent the weekend watching DH tear out a wall and part of a floor inside the house.  As always, when working on an old piecemeal house, there was more work to be done for a simple project than we first thought.  Luckily, from long experience in remodeling old houses, I always over estimate the time we think a project should take from start to finish.  I figure we'll be working on this one through the summer.  ;-)

DH is working on installing the HVAC; specifically, building the closet in our utility room to house the inside unit.  It will go on the wall between our utility room and the den and this wall is part of the wall between the kitchen and the utility room (which is badly constructed and needs replacing).  DH scrapped his original plan and decided to do things right, which is why I have a hole in my floor, a hole in my ceiling, my refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen, and missing walls.  Ah, the price of progress.  Emma, as always, supervised the proceedings and DH had to constantly shoo her away from and out of the hole.

LoneStar (And no, I don't know why Blogger is spacing my photos so weirdly.)

Mar 4, 2011

Pigs in the freezer and a WIP

On a nice evening during this past weekend DH had about 45 minutes of daylight left, was tired, and didn't want to get into the next part of his DIY project.  He was kind of grumping around so I told him to go out to his tent blind and go pig hunting.  So he did.

(Wild pigs are legal to shoot year round in Texas as they breed like rabbits and destroy pasture and crop land very quickly; they are considered varmints.  However, they are good eating!)

Anyway, I had settled in to read a bit when I heard DH's rifle go off after about 15 minutes.  He'd shot a pig!  Yay!  I love wild pig pan sausage and I was down to my last pound in the freezer.  

Here is my "Homespun Hollow" WIP.  I've been stitching it in fits and starts.  It's coming along slowly but I'm enjoying it when I'm stitching on it.  I'm stitching it on a piece of Silkweaver Jazlyn that I had in my stash. 


Mar 2, 2011

It's that time of year again

My heart is longing for spring.  Of course, it's well on its way here in south central Texas.  Our grass is growing and the trees look fuzzy as the leaves are beginning to grow.  The days are growing longer.  And Daylight Savings Time will be here in less than two weeks!  Yippee!

We've had weather in the 70s during the days and 50s at night for awhile now.  I'm sure we'll have one or two more cold fronts, but right now, I'm enjoying the warm weather.  

The month of January is usually cold and dismal to me.  February is the short month before March and is usually as cold as January, and you have to put up with all the Valentine's Day silliness.  DH and I think Valentine's Day is contrived.  If you don't show love to your spouse/significant other during the rest of the year, why bother with Valentine's Day?!

March is the month of the promises of spring.  In my part of Texas, folks are out planting their gardens and sprucing up the lawn.  We don't have a garden yet, and I won't be planting flowers until we're done with construction.  Someday, I will have a huge bed of daffodils - I love them!  But until then, I enjoy driving into town and seeing other folks' daffodils.

And 175 years ago today, Texas declared its independence from Mexico.  So, Happy Texas Independence Day to you!