Mar 24, 2011

Pink studs again

DH is making progress on our current project.  This past weekend, he rebuilt part of the wall between the kitchen and utility room.  Unfortunately, he used pink studs as that's all he had in the way of 2x4s.  Eventually, the entire kitchen wall will be rebuilt and all those gosh awful pink studs will be covered in sheetrock.  Gack.  I hate pink.


Emma supervised and inspected all of the holes in the floor.  And even though DH has been trying to keep her out of it, she jumped down into the biggest hole when he went out to his shop for a tool.  Opportunist is her middle name.


My current stitching project is "Homespun Hollow" by Linda Myers.  It is available from ABC Stitch.



Mary said...

You are disappointing Melissa so much! I thought that was Linda Myers as I knew you had bought one. Love her patterns.

As for Ms. Emma, she needs her own doggie tool


Gloria said...

Mary is right. Emma needs her own doggie tool pouch. And a hard hat.