Mar 14, 2011

Progress and chaos

I spent last week roundly cursing my sinuses as they were a great affliction to me.  I wasn't on the computer much and I haven't stitched in a week either.  But I am happy that Daylight Savings Time is back.  

I spent the weekend watching DH tear out a wall and part of a floor inside the house.  As always, when working on an old piecemeal house, there was more work to be done for a simple project than we first thought.  Luckily, from long experience in remodeling old houses, I always over estimate the time we think a project should take from start to finish.  I figure we'll be working on this one through the summer.  ;-)

DH is working on installing the HVAC; specifically, building the closet in our utility room to house the inside unit.  It will go on the wall between our utility room and the den and this wall is part of the wall between the kitchen and the utility room (which is badly constructed and needs replacing).  DH scrapped his original plan and decided to do things right, which is why I have a hole in my floor, a hole in my ceiling, my refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen, and missing walls.  Ah, the price of progress.  Emma, as always, supervised the proceedings and DH had to constantly shoo her away from and out of the hole.

LoneStar (And no, I don't know why Blogger is spacing my photos so weirdly.)

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Gloria said...

I hope things go faster than you expect and you are able to have a/c before the end of summer.

Emma is such a good little supervisor. Always on the job.

Hope you continue to feel better.