Mar 4, 2012

Another finish

DH and I went to Austin yesterday.  He dropped me off at the I35 Stitchtogether and went to Cabela's to get a new string strung on his bow.  

It was a good day at the stitchtogether.  We had a lot of folks there (but were missing Mel, Marilyn, and Gloria!) and had a lot of fun stitching, eating, and laughing.  I stitched my usual three stars on the "that durn flag."  I could probably stitch more stars if I wasn't so busy talking and laughing.  After the stitchtogether, DH took me by Ginger's, the local LNS.  I had fun looking at everything, but only bought some Anchor floss and a piece of linen for a future project.

I finished the March block of "Crabby All Year," and will now stitch a Texas-themed Christmas ornament before diving into a BAP.

DH is out mowing the inside yard again.  The weeds are very prolific this year!


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