Jan 3, 2011

Fit and trim

This weekend was the last of deer hunting season.  Between early morning and evening hunts, DH worked on installing the trim molding around the windows in our bedroom.  It's about two years overdue.  ;-) 

Here are pictures of an untrimmed window, DH trimming it, DH using his beloved compound miter saw, and a finished window.  Now I have to spackle the nail holes and do touch-up painting.  Then I'll have to ponder window treatments - mini-blinds and topper curtains probably.


I spent a lot of the weekend being a hunting widow and stitching on the beagle dog.  I got a lot done on it and I'll post a picture tomorrow.  I spent Sunday afternoon vegging out on football.  Alas! The football season is drawing to a close - whine!  At least the Cowboys ended on a win, although their overall record stinks.  But they do have five players starting in the Pro Bowl!


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Mary said...

I'm surprised Emma wasn't there "helpin"...lol.