Jan 3, 2012

Moving on to 2012

Happy New Year and all that rot.  

DH and I aren't much for making a big deal out of New Year's Eve.  We don't celebrate or party.  We usually go to bed before midnight ever arrives.  This year, we were awake.  Not because we wanted to be, but because one of our nearer neighbors had their grandkids over and they shot off fireworks.  We had gone to bed and could see them from our bedroom window, and we could certainly hear the booms, so we made the best of it and enjoyed watching the fireworks from our bed.  Once they were finished, we went to sleep.

We had a nice long weekend and spent most of it puttering and piddling on those honey-do projects that seem to pile up forgotten in the wake of bigger DIY projects like "The Great Summer of '11 Kitchen Disaster."  

DH played on his tractor a lot doing tractorly things.  He crossed several niggling honey-dos off the list.  I did the same and managed to start "Crabby All Year."  We vegged out on football on Sunday and found the Cowboys disappointing.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.

And we finally burned the enormous brush pile we inherited when we bought this place three years ago.  The pile was around seven feet tall and about 14 feet square.  We've had rain lately and the county lifted the Burn Ban, so we fired it off on Saturday.  DH spent the day keeping an eye on it until it burned way down.  

It is still smoldering and DH probably won't be able to smooth it all out with the tractor until Saturday.  Don't worry.  DH has the fire area surrounded with a dike of dirt so it can't escape and burn uncontrolled.

Burn, baby, burn!
Done but still smoldering.

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