Jan 19, 2012

That durn flag

DH and I spent much of the weekend watching football.  Only one of the teams we were rooting for won, and we had to endure hearing Phil Simms' comments for the Denver Broncos game.  Only three more games to go in this season.  I'm always sad when football is over. 

During the time that football was not on, DH puttered about on his tractor working with the box blade on our pitiful driveway.  While he was puttering, I dutifully and laboriously stitched on "One Nation" - or as I fondly refer to it, that durn flag - a pattern I am stitching because DH likes it.  After I finished the January block of "Crabby All Year," (CAY) I decided to spend a week stitching on "One Nation" and then spend a week on a small Christmas ornament before starting the February block of CAY. 

I'll not bore you with my progress on "One Nation" as it didn't amount to much visually, but I will post a picture of my WIP, one of eight "Christmas in Texas" ornaments from "Texese" by The Scarlet Thread.


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Mary said...

Saw the finish on 123. Great Job!