Feb 16, 2012

Stash enabling via newsletter

I'm on the e-mail newsletter list over at ABC Stich TherapyThey send out newsletters with new pattern releases and they often have patterns other shops don't have and can't get.  Such was the case this week when I received the latest newsletter and saw this pattern:

The subject matter didn't grab me but those bright colors sure did!  Yeah, there is a lot of pink, but look at all those luscious blues and greens!  It is BAP sized (220 x 245) with 64 DMC colors; it looks as if much of the pattern is in large color blocks without tons of confetti stitches.  The pattern is "Harana" by Cross Stitch Designs Rinna, a designer I've never seen before.  The more I looked at it, the more I decided I had to have it, so I ordered it.  By the way, there are a couple more patterns by this designer that are of the same genre.


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Beauty Bonnet said...

love the colors! i may have to get that myself!

just discovered your blog, by way of another blog. i'm enjoying it!