Feb 27, 2012

A cooperative weekend

The weather cooperated and was mainly sunny all weekend.  DH was able to do all the things he wanted to do.  He started out the weekend by mowing our inside yard.  All the rain has caused the weeds to grow like mad.  They were nearly hip-high on me, and the dog was disappearing in them.  Of course, since we mulch when we mow, there was a lot of freshly-mowed grass on the ground and it made Emma sport green feet for awhile until the sun dried it all out.

DH did all the prep work necessary in the attic for installing the HVAC unit.  Then he dragged the unit onto the front porch and prepped it.  So now - besides a toilet and various construction debris - I have an HVAC unit on my front porch.  DH plans to have a male friend out soon to help him get it into the attic.  I'd help him but he fears that the unit would squash me if it slipped, so he's getting someone with male brawn out to help.

I'm *that close* to finishing "Bone Cheeks" and will probably get it finished today.  It's been a fun stitch.  I'll probably frame it and display it during Halloween.


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