Feb 23, 2012

Dratted rain

Yes, we need rain.  But we've had a lot of rain in a short period of time and the results around our property have been...interesting.  Due to the drought, we've had a lot of trees die off on our land.  We plan to do a walk through in the spring to assess which trees are still alive.  

Then there are the trees that have long been dead for many years.  DH has been trying to find time to cut them down.  Well, thanks to the rain, that won't be necessary.


Now he'll have to find the time to be a lumberjack and cut them up!  The tree in the photo directly above barely missed one of the sprinkler heads to our septic system.  Luckily neither one landed on anything other than the ground.  A miss is as good as a mile.


Miss LindaLee said...

I need to stop in far more often. I always enjoy reading your blog when I do. Stop in and see me at,
My attempt at blogging!

By the way....We still have a tree to be cut up that came down during Irene! Ugh!

Gloria said...

Yikes! Glad those trees didn't do any damage when they fell.