Feb 22, 2012

My current WIP

DH and I had a rather soggy weekend.  Poor DH, every time he tried to do something outdoors, it started to rain.  It seriously put a damper on his DIY plans for the weekend.  

And, of course, our lovely aerobic septic system started acting up due to the rain and we had to have the septic guy out to attend to it.  Thank goodness for cheerful guys who are willing to work at a job that requires close contact with septic systems!

While I know we need rain here in our drought-stricken area, I'm not one of those people who enjoys a rainy day; I prefer sunshine.  So I moped about and grumbled about the rain and stitched a lot.  I picked up "Bone Cheeks" and am having a lot of fun stitching on it.  So much so that I will not pick up "that durn flag" this month.  Heck, I may even finish "Bone Cheeks" before I start on the March block of "Crabby All Year!"


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Rachel S-H said...

Bone cheeks looks good!