Oct 10, 2011

A wet weekend

Hunting season (bow hunting) started last weekend.  After bow hunting season comes rifle season (early November) which lasts until January.  This means that until he bags his limit (two doe, one spike buck, one antlered buck), DH is out hunting every morning and evening of the weekend.  While I am thankful that I have a DH whose hobby can provide food for us, said hobby seriously cuts into our home remodeling time.  ;-)   Oh well.

DH harvested two doe on Saturday morning and he worked quickly to get both doe field dressed so that he could take them into town to the meat processor before they closed at noon.  Just when I was down to the last pound of venison from last year, our freezer will get replenished!  (Two deer down, two to go.)

On Sunday, we got rain!  It rained about 1.5" at our house.  In this drought, we'll take all we can get!

I've got about 90% of our kitchen stuff back in its proper place in our kitchen.  DH got the last drawer installed.  Before we can declare the kitchen "done," he has to rebuild a cabinet (which I may have to paint or polyurethane) and make drawers for said cabinet, install the trim molding, and lay the new flooring.  I am hoping that we get all this done by the end of October as we'll need to cut and stack firewood in November.

And I'm posting my progress on "Bone Cheeks" which isn't very much because all that I stitched on Saturday morning while DH was hunting and field dressing, I had to frog.  It was a very extended frog visit and not at all appreciated.

Oh, and my Aggies beat DH's Red Raiders on Saturday.  Gig 'em!



Gloria said...

Happy to hear that you have venison for the freezer. Hope your DH is able to get two more.

Saturday...your Aggies, my Bears. Sic 'em Bears! :)

Mary said...

I really love Bone Cheeks! As Gloria said, glad you're stocking up the freezer.

I don't even want to talk about the 'Horns...:(