Nov 3, 2011

This, that, drivel, and tractors

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  Thanks to everyone who inquired and expressed concern that I had.  ;-)   We've just been busy.  My days have been such that at the end of them I've muttered to myself, "Poop. Time got away again and I didn't get a blog post up."  Oh well.

I haven't stitched in over a week, and this weekend isn't looking good.  I don't know when I'll get "Bone Cheeks" done as I fear my Christmas stitching needs to take priority soon.  And that means that I'll have to decide what I'm stitching for my nephews and then get it stitched.  I also have the company Christmas party ornament to stitch, but I may wimp out and use an ornament that I stitched a while ago, but haven't finished yet.

My Dallas Cowboys are causing me grief  - as in "Good grief! What are y'all doing?!"  I may need to pull out that paper bag for my head that I used last year and wear it again.  

Have you eaten any of those Honey Crisp apples that have appeared in the stores lately?  I am hooked on them.  Our HEB either has regularly sized ones, or mutant ones.  The mutant sized ones are huge!  And yeah, I can eat a huge one in one sitting.  Emma likes apples, but I don't share my Honey Crisp apples with her. 

The soil in my part of Texas is clay-ey.  That means that the ground doesn't "perk."  It also means that by law, we have to use an expensive to maintain aerobic septic system instead of the usual anaerobic system.  Our system has three tanks, an aeration pump, and two discharge sprinkler heads.  It must be inspected and maintained yearly by law.  We have a company on contract that does this for us.  

Last week, the usual guy, Doug, was out for the inspection with a new guy.  The new guy was ogling the old tractor that we inherited with our house and land.  One of our neighbors thinks that it has been bogged down and sitting in our yard for about 15-20 years.  We've tried in vain to find someone to sell it to or even give it to ever since we've lived here.  When we lived in Kansas, our town used to have an antique tractor pull every Fourth of July - we learned all about old tractors and the people that love them.  We figured SOMEONE out there would want this old tractor.  Well, last week, we finally found him.

When I told the new guy that he could have the tractor if he would dig it out and haul it off, he was rendered speechless.  When he found his voice, he asked, "Really?  You'd just give it to me?!"  Yep.  Haul it off and get it out of the yard, please.  So he did!  When he hauled it off on Saturday, he was like a little kid with a new toy.

DH got a seven-point buck with his bow last weekend - three deer down and one to go.  Rifle season opens this weekend, so DH is hoping to get his spike buck.  Four deer is his limit by law and four deer will fill our freezer nicely.  We've already enjoyed venison steaks from the two doe he got in October.  And we're still hoping to get a few pigs.  DH has seen and heard pigs, but he hasn't been able to shoot one.  Now that rifle season is open, he should be able to get a few.

And the kitchen is nearly done.  I know, I've been saying that for weeks.  I was hoping for and end-of-October finish, but now I'm hoping to get it finished before the Thanksgiving weekend.

The weather here is turning.  We've had nights in 40s - cold enough to fire up the wood stove.  And I had to wear shoes last week one day.  I hate shoes.  I put on a long-sleeved shirt, but kept to the shorts.  I cling to shorts, T-shirt, and bare feet as long as possible.  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


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