Nov 13, 2011


Well, DH hoped that the floor would install quickly and easily.  No such luck.  He spent the morning getting the underlayment put down.

Then he started installing it.

Emma supervised.

The further along he got, the more frustrated he got with the cheap flooring.  After he had run through his repertoire of handy swear words several times, we stopped and discussed continuing or not.  We ended up taking the remaining boxes of flooring back to Lowe's and going with cheap vinyl flooring instead.

And DH is starting over.  Photos to follow.  We're "hoping" it goes well.



Gloria said...

How frustrating for both of you. Hope the next try goes smoothly.

Emma sure is a cute little supervisor.

Gloria said...

Forgot to mention a couple of things...
1. I NEED those blue glass jars.
2. My birthday is coming up....