Nov 17, 2011

Hate canvas, er...waste canvas

Way back when (like last year after Christmas), my DBro and DSisIL asked me to stitch my nephews' names on their Christmas stockings.  I said I'd be happy to, of course.

They sent the stockings to me this past January.  I just got around to stitching the names this past weekend.  No, I'm not usually such a bad procrastinator, but I just hate stitching on waste canvas.  I especially hate stitching on waste canvas when I have to have my hands up inside of something while actually stitching.  I had to cram my hands up inside the stocking cuff to get this done.  Thank goodness DBro and DSisIL requested that I stitch the shortened version of each boy's name instead of their full names!

To motivate myself, I used silk floss.  I think they came out okay and they will go in the mail tomorrow.


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