Nov 21, 2011


DH got the vinyl floor installed in the kitchen this weekend, and he even started on some of the trim molding - trim molding is all we have left to do before we're completely finished with this project.  Yippee!

DH started by making a template out of paper that fit the kitchen.  Then he laid the template on the sheet of vinyl with Emma's help.
Then he cut it out with Emma's supervision.

Next, he troweled glue on the floor.  He folded the vinyl in half and glued down one side, then glued down the other.

Here is the end result!

I've been stitching on Christmas ornaments for my nephews.  And if the pattern arrives in the mail today, I'll start stitching on a present for a friend that I need to get done before Christmas arrives, too.



Bronny said...

A lovely finish! Congratulations on your new floor - such a clever hubby too!! (and Emma's supervision helped)

Gloria said...

I think the vinyl looks very nice. I'm sure the job turned out so good because Emma was there to help.