Nov 18, 2011

Oh yeah, I really DO have pink in my kitchen!

When DH and I first got married, we lived in Dallas for several years and developed the habit of visiting First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX every month.  We pretty much decorated our house with the treasures we found there.  

I was seeking to replace my kitchen canisters at that time.  We had received a set as a wedding present, but I found the canisters too small to hold baking supplies well.  I wanted large enough canisters to hold an entire five-pound bag of sugar, flour, and corn meal.  

On one Canton trip, we saw a reproduction Planters peanut jar and bought it.  Over the next several months, we acquired three more jars of different designs.  As I was able to find two of the jars in only pink, that's the color I ended up getting.  The other jars came in both blue and pink (and a really hideous red/yellow swirl), so I got them in blue (of course).  

They have served us well over the years and hold a lot.  And no, Gloria, you can't have them!  ;-)



Bronny said...

I love the pink! I've got oodles of pink glass, but none in my kitchen. I drag it out when girls are over, but my boys are just not careful enough to leave glass out.
They are unique jars too. I bet you have a happy dance when you find new ones for the collection
Thanks for sharing

pandy said...

I love how one has Emma's cookies in it! :D I adore glass things. My mom thinks I was a crow in another life or something with how I'm drawn to all the shinies! Those are beautiful. :)

Gloria said...

My birthday is still over a week away. You might change your mind.