Nov 19, 2011

Hoping again

DH is hoping to finish installing the kitchen floor this weekend.  If it goes without a hitch, we'll be able to install all the trim molding and call the project finished.  Then DH can go back to the project he was working on when this one interrupted it.

He is laying an "upper" subfloor of OSB sheets over the subfloor.  He will glue down the vinyl flooring to them.  We didn't want to glue the vinyl down to our "real" subfloor as it would probably get ruined when we remove the vinyl in the future when we do our "real" kitchen remodel instead of this "fix it enough to use it well until we do it for real" kitchen remodel.  

And then there's the fact that we calculated the height of the lower cabinets based on the height of the plank flooring we were going to install.  If we glued down the vinyl without adding the OSB sheets, my cabinets would be too tall for me.  Another plus is if this cheap vinyl gets really dinged before our "real" remodel, then it will be easy to glue a new sheet over it.

Hopefully the installation will go well.  Hopefully.


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