Nov 27, 2011

Sneaking up on December

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  DH and I did.  We had a brisket for Thanksgiving instead of turkey this year and enjoyed it very much.

DH was able to hunt a lot and (finally!) got his spike buck.  Our freezer is well-stocked with venison for the year.  All that's left is to get a wild pig or two.

DH was able to get most of the trim molding installed in the kitchen.  We used the old trim molding as we didn't want to pay for new molding and I didn't want to paint it anyway.  Here are before, during, and after pictures:

We've watched a lot of football.  The Dallas Cowboys won, but my Aggies lost to t.u. and DH's Red Raiders lost to the Baylor Bears.  DH found time to clean up his shop and I've been stitching and reading.  And we think it is finally time to pull the A/C units out of the windows as the weather is finally somewhat "fall-like."


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Rachel S-H said...

That looks very nice. You guys have worked so hard on that house!