Dec 8, 2011

Winter is finally here

Well, winter is finally here.  I know this because the temperatures have forced me into pants, long-sleeved shirts, and socks and shoes.  Phooey.  It was sad when I did laundry on Monday and there were shorts and T-shirts in there from last week. 

DH will be cutting wood this weekend as our wood racks are nearly bare.  He reserved a log splitter for the next weekend and I will help him stack after he splits it all.  I may also get to drive the tractor a lot from the woods to the splitting area so DH can keep on cutting. 

It was nice to sleep in this past weekend as DH is done deer hunting for the season as he has bagged his limit.  He will still go out and hunt for pigs, but he took last weekend off.

And I've been stitching but I can't show you what I'm stitching on because it's for a friend and she reads my blog.

I'll leave you with a picture of Emma warming her butt in front of the wood stove.


1 comment:

Gloria said...

Your stove looks so warm and inviting. What a cozy room!

Love the pic of Emma warming her butt. LOL! Too cute!