Dec 19, 2011

Help! I'm stitching and I can't stop!

I thought I'd better pause and make a blog post lest everyone think I've died and fallen off the face of the earth.  I've been stitching like a fiend on several Christmas presents, trying to get them done in time for Christmas.  I think I might make it.  And no, I can't show them until after Christmas.

DH has spent the last two weekends being a lumber jack.  The first weekend he spent with his chainsaw and the tractor.  He cut up several downed trees on our property and used the tractor to carry the logs to our wood rack area.  

Here he is getting the tractor ready.  Notice the chainsaw, etc., in the bucket.  Emma had to help and supervise.  You'll notice DH is wearing blaze orange accessories.  He was in the woods, hunting season is still going strong, and we have neighbors who hunt near our woods.

He was able to cut quite a pile of wood and began splitting it.  He spent this past weekend splitting and splitting and splitting, but is still not done yet.  All three of our wood racks are filled, and he is stacking the extra wood on one side of our loafing shed.  An embarrassment of woodly riches!

Hopefully I'll have some stitching photos to share soon.


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Rachel S-H said...

You will be nice and toasty warm this winter!