Nov 12, 2011

The last cabinet

DH is still hunting for that last deer (and a wild pig or two or three would be nice).  No luck last weekend and no luck so far this weekend, but the weekend is still young.

DH finally got the last kitchen cabinet remade/rebuilt and installed, and I spent the week repainting it.  DH took a badly made three-drawer cabinet and made it into a four-drawer cabinet, so the drawers are strangely sized and the knobs don't match.  It looks kind of weird stuck off in the corner of the kitchen, but I wasn't about to give up usable kitchen storage space so there it sits.  Weird is good.

DH is planning to install the kitchen flooring today.  He is "hopeful" that it will not take too long.  We'll see.  I'll take pictures of the progress and post them when he's done.  After the floor, all we have left to do is install all the molding.


1 comment:

Gloria said...

I would take extra cabinet space anywhere in my kitchen. Even if it looked weird. I think you found the perfect place for another cabinet.

Hope your DH gets a deer and a pig or three.