Apr 17, 2012

Emma's new friend

You may recall my telling of our recent visit from Pepe LePew.  DH's office had to cancel and reschedule several of his patients for that day while we dealt with the aftermath at home.  The office scheduler told the patients that DH had had an "incident with a skunk" and wouldn't be available for appointments that day.

One of the "reschedulees" was one of his more fun patients.  When she came in for her rescheduled appointment, she presented DH with a "skunk kit."  She'd gone to the dollar store and filled a little basket with the most odious things she could find.  Bad cologne, stinky car air freshener, smelly soap, etc.  It was hilarious and creative and DH really got a kick out of it.  But the best thing she put in the basket was a dog toy in the shape of a skunk.  She thought that if Emma had a toy skunk to play with then maybe she wouldn't "play" with the real ones.  

Yeah, right.  Good theory.  At any rate, the toy - nicknamed Skunky - is her new favorite and MUST be by her bowl (with her other toys) while she eats.  It has a really annoying squeaker, too. 



Mary said...

Skunky is cute! Emma appears to be enjoying it...lol.

Glad DH has a patient with such a good sense of humor.


Gloria said...

Emma deserves her new toy. Keeping varmints away is a hard job and sometimes a little smelly.