Apr 1, 2012

A miss is as good as a mile

Our weather lately has been wet, stormy, and windy.  (And even with all the rain, we're still not caught up on our annual rain fall.)  We had a stormy evening last week and this happened.

Luckily, it didn't break windows or damage the roof.  The wood stove chimney got a bit dinged, but DH was able to "de-ding-ify" it.  This branch was so big and heavy that DH had to cut branches off of it with the chainsaw before he could knock it over to finish cutting it up. 

We have a lot of dead trees on our property; the drought last summer was really hard on trees.  When I drive to town, I see countless dead trees standing in pastures and by the roads.  Sad.  One of the gals DH works with had a tree fall over on her house last week, too.  The tree trimming companies are doing a booming business.

I've been stitching happily on "Harana" but will stop and start stitching on the April block of "Crabby All Year" today.  Then I'll stitch a Texas Christmas ornament before going back to "Harana."  I finally got the floss numbers for my two missing symbols - YAY!



Rita said...

I'm so glad the damage wasn't any worse.

We figure there will be a lot of lost trees around here too b/c of last year's drought.

Mary said...

Thank goodness it wasn't a bigger tree! Yea, Mark and I went driving through the Hill Country recently. There are a lot of dead trees. Very sad to see.