May 28, 2012

Pole vaulting

DH has been wrassling with the plumbing in the utility room all weekend.  He got a good start on Saturday (with no unexpected sewage problems).  Sunday afternoon was not good.  After making two trips to Lowe's, he finally decided to quit early.

He went out to his hunting blind to put out some wild pig attractant near it.  (He's yet to shoot a pig this year and we'd both dearly love some fresh sausage.)  He also took the pole pruner with him to trim some branches on the trees near his blind.  I settled in to stitch in his absence.  

A little while later, DH came in the door with blood all over him.  No, it didn't belong to any critter, it belonged to him.  Apparently he managed to whack himself on the forehead over his left eye with the pole pruner handle.   He was sawing on a branch that unexpectedly gave way and the pole pruner rebounded off another branch and then rebounded off DH's head.

After cleaning him up and getting a good look at the wound, we decided to go with butterfly bandages instead of trying to go to an after-hours clinic for possible stitches on Memorial Day weekend.  DH spent the remainder of the evening with an ice pack on his head while we watched reruns of "Law & Order" on the boob tube.  

As an aside, this particular station has started rerunning L&O from its beginning.  We watch episodes on the weekends occasionally.  It's funny to see show from the 1990s and see how well people coped with life without cell phones, let alone smartphones!  And the computers!  HUGE monitors crouching on the desks.  Some of the earliest episodes show monitors without MS Windows.  And yet we all managed to survive and live in such primitive times.  (Yes, Virginia, that's heavy sarcasm.)

I've spent a lot of the weekend stitching.  I'll post a picture in the next couple of days.  I don't think I'll ever do another SAL as the one I'm doing for "Crabby All Year" is annoying.  While I like stitching on "Crabby," I find it annoying to put down my current project at the start of every month to work on that month's "Crabby" square.  Oh well.


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Gloria said...

Ouch! Sorry about the trimming mishap.
I think it happened because Emma wasn't there to supervise.